Website Wednesday: Storybird

storybirdby Kristie Burk, DASD Coordinator of Cyber and Blended Learning

Children love to write stories, but sometimes they have a difficult time getting started. Storybird is a free website that helps students write stories by providing images that can help spark creativity. Students can select the type of book that they want to create, such as a picture book or a chapter book, and the photos or illustrations they want to use. Then, they can start typing their stories.

Although the stories seem like they’re primarily aimed at younger children, older students could also use the site. Amanda Friedman, Spanish teacher at Downingtown East and West, is using Storybird with her classes.  The students will read one of the stories in Spanish first and do an activity on comprehension. Then, students will work in groups to create their own stories using the templates provided.


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