Tech Tip Tuesday: Breakout EDU

by Sara Brosious, Downingtown East High School Instructional Coach

Guess what happens when you tell students to put everything away except their device and then give them a box with 4 padlocks on?  Complete student engagement.

On Friday, February 17 Downingtown East High School’s Spanish Teacher Michelle Podolak piloted Breakout EDU with a STEM twist.  Breakout EDU is the education world’s version of an escape room experience.  Michelle provided students curricular puzzle clues that unlocked the various padlocks to ultimately break into the locked box.

Mrs. Podolak’s Spanish IV and Honors classes were first presented with a learning scenario and with the assistance of their mobile or 1:1 laptop devices collaborated in small groups to solve the clues.  Once the teams broke into the boxes, they were then presented with the task of building a trap with makerspace type items such as legos, magformers, and tinker toys.

The students then collaborated to produce a one minute video in Spanish describing their traps, and upload it to Schoology.  There was also a discussion board conversation commenting on the other team’s cupid traps.  Additionally, Mrs. Podolak required her students to reflect on the experience via a Schoology quiz.

If you’re interested in creating a breakout experience for your students, reach out to your instructional coach!



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