Tech Tip Tuesday: Using Common Apps and Websites for New Uses

by Kristie Burk, DASD Coordinator of Blended and Cyber Learning

Last week I attended the Future of Education Technology Conference.  I learned so much from this conference that it will take me weeks just to go through all my notes!

One of the things I quickly noticed at the conference was how educators are using common technology tools in new and innovative ways. For example, I met Mike Meechin at the conference, principal of Poinciana High School in Kissimmee, FL.  In his school of 1200+ students, 71% are eligible for free and reduced lunch and he has struggled with a high absentee rate.

Meechin decided to use the Remind app in a new and innovative way.  Any student with significant absences was enrolled in a special Remind account.  Starting at 5:30 am, the students would start receiving Remind text messages to get them out of bed.  (Meechin says that he usually sneaks in an inspirational message in the wake-up texts as well.) He says they would usually send 2-3 message for the next 90 minutes.

Amazingly, this innovative use of Remind increased the attendance of these students by 60%!

Do you have an innovative use of an app or website? Let us know at!




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