Ask your students to mark up text #antiworksheet

by Kristie Burk, DASD Coordinator of Blended and Cyber Learning

Instead of asking your students to answer questions in a worksheet…

…have them mark up the digital text that they are reading.  They can underline, highlight, add their own notes etc. This is extremely easy to do on a tablet; students can just import the text into an app like Adobe Reader or Notes to highlight text or to add comments.

If students have laptops, they can use a great tool like Scrible to mark-up text, even from a website. Here is a link to a Scrible I created when talking with my blended teachers about flipped learning: Business Schools Tackle ‘Messy’ Real-Time Corporate Issues – WSJ

Scrible is installed in a toolbar.  Once you are on a webpage, you can access Scrible to highlight, add post-it notes, underline, change text color, etc.  There are then a variety of options for saving, indexing,  organizing and sharing the pages.  (NB: Teachers can use Scrible to save static pages of Websites that may change frequently!)

Zach Brown, blended English teacher at DEHS, asks students to use Scrible to download and take notes on web pages to evaluate the website’s quality, to analyze online article (e.g. identifying bias) or to evaluate effective organization.


Students with any device can also use Google Drawings to underline words, highlight text, draw shapes, and leave notes on Google Docs, PDFs or Word files.


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