Have your students create their own memes #antiworksheet

by Kristie Burk, DASD Coordinator of Blended and Cyber Learning

Image result for meme teacher ageInstead of having your students answer questions in a worksheet…

…have them create their own memes. A meme is a captioned picture that is often intended to be funny such as the one to the left.  However, memes can also be used in a fun, academic context where students are asked to demonstrate their knowledge through imagery and text.

This unique idea was suggested to me by Troy Podell, Civics and Government teacher at the STEM Academy. He asked his students to create their own memes to verify understanding of the governing philosophies of America’s two primary political parties during the presidential primaries. (Some of them were pretty funny – but also on point.)

There are some free meme generators online, but it’s fairly easy for students to make their own.  They can use any app or program where they can insert an image and add text, such as a Google or Word doc. Try it out!


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