Ask Students To Create Their Own Higher Order Questions #antiworksheet

by Kristie Burk, DASD Coordinator of Blended and Cyber Learning

Instead of asking the students to answer questions on a worksheet…

…ask them to create their own questions using the Bloom’s Taxonomy chart below. I like the chart because it actually shows the students the phrasing of the different questions.This assignment is better than a worksheet for a few reasons:

This assignment is better than a worksheet for a few reasons:

  • Creating good questions requires just as much thought as answering them (as any teacher knows!).
  • Using Bloom’s Taxonomy means that students will be asking and answering higher-order thinking questions.
  • Students will know the material because they will be creating questions, answering questions, and “correcting” answers.

In four steps:

  1. Assign students a partner.
  2. Ask the students to create questions for their partners on a chapter/book/topic from Bloom’s Taxonomy.  For example, you can ask them to create six questions, one of each type.
  3. Require the students to go back and answer their partner’s questions.
  4. Have the question writer provide feedback on the answers.

This assignment can easily be done in a Schoology discussion forum.  If your students do not have a Schoology account, they can also create questions for each other through a shared Google Document.


Image attribution flickr enokson; 25 Question Stems Framed Around Bloom’s Taxonomy


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