Have Students Create a Children’s Book #antiworksheet

by Kristie Burk, DASD Coordinator of Cyber and Blended Learning

Instead of giving students a worksheet…

…have them create a children’s book to explain a concept that they’re learning in class. This assignment works well with middle and high school students, but even older elementary students can make books for the primary grades.

As any writer knows, creating children’s books is harder than it looks! Students must be able to take complex information and present it in a simplified form with illustrations.

To make a digital book, students can use Book Creator on their iPads. They can add photos, text, drawing, sound and video directly into their books and then export them into an ePub, which allows them to be read in iBooks.

If your students don’t have iPads, they can use the website Flipsnack, which takes a simple pdf and turns it into a flippable book.  (It even makes the cool sound of the pages flipping.) Students can create their pdf with any of number of tools, including PowerPoint, Word, Google Docs, Pages, etc and upload it to the site. Students can then customize their books with different “looks” and export them to share with others.


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