Ask Students To Create Their Own Comic Strip #antiworksheet

by Kristie Burk, DASD Coordinator of Cyber and Blended Learning

Instead of asking students to answer questions in a worksheet….

…ask them to show their knowledge in a comic strip. Not only is a comic strip engaging, but it also requires the students to condense large amounts of information into just a few small panels effectively.  Have your students:

  • Use vocabulary words in context.
  • Create a comic strip as an instructional manual.
  • Draw a comic strip as a pre-reading or pre-writing activity.
  • Convert a story or historical event into comic form.
  • Illustrate song lyrics in a comic strip.

Honestly, there are so many different comic strip digital tools, it’s difficult to pick one to recommend.  You may want to look at a few and consider the appropriateness for your age group and subject matter:

Storyboard That

Make Beliefs Comix


Comic Creator

Super Action Comic Maker

Pixton (web and iOS app)

Super Hero Comic Book Maker (iOS)

Seedling Comic Studio (iOS)






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