Project idea: Have Your Students Create a “Paperslide”

by Jen Hervada, Lionville Middle School Instructional Coach

A Paperslide video is a very low-barrier way to record meaningful content or information in a concise manner using supplies that nearly everyone has including paper, markers and a camera ( like the one on your iphone/ipad).  Teachers can use paperslide videos to challenge students to teach what they have learned, which we all know is a powerful form of learning.

The videos are produced in a “one-take” format. Mistakes are okay and even add to the authentic experience of the video.

Teachers can use Paperslide videos to supplement their lessons or use them as part of a flipped classroom.   

Students can use Paperslide videos to re-teach others something they’ve learned or researched. There are approximately five simple steps to any project.  In a student project:

  1. The teacher assigns questions or a topic and the students divide into groups of three.  
  2. Students research the topic and collaborate about the best way to re-teach what they learn.
  3. The students write a script and create paper slides using simple drawings or keywords.
  4. The students practice their script and record the video in one take.
  5. Students can share their video with classmates or publish it online.

The Paperslide process was developed by Dr. Lodge McCammon.  Here is an example of what it looks like:


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