Schoology will now allow you to export portfolios

by Kristie Burk

Starting tomorrow on October 28th, students and teachers will now be able to export their Schoology portfolios as .zip files so they can archive their work and continue to access it if they graduate or transfer out of the district.

If you haven’t started using Schoology portfolios, you should check them out.  Portfolios are housed outside of students’ courses on their profile page and can contain assignment submissions, files, Web links or Web pages.  Since portfolios are not tied to students’ courses, they are accessible to the students every year.

What I love about Schoology portfolios is that you can share your portfolio using a private link that will allow the recipient to view your portfolio even if they are not logged into Schoology (or don’t have a Schoology account).  For example, our blended AP art students house their artwork in their Schoology portfolios that they use to submit to the College Board at the end of the school year as part of their AP exam.

And don’t forget that teachers can create their own portfolios, too!



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