Tech Tip Tuesday: Custom Wallpaper Numbering for iPads

nicole.pngby Nicole Stulak, DASD K-5 Instructional Coach

Managing a class set of iPads and assigning students a designated device is as easy as creating a custom wallpaper design to set on your lock screen. The design can be student or teacher created by taking a photo or uploading pre-made wallpaper designs.

Many educators are creating their own classroom themed or color coded iPad wallpaper designs, which you can find all over Pinterest and Instagram. This can be done in PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote to name a few. However, if you are looking for a super time-saver, Pat Carroll, the Library Media Specialist at Shamona Creek Elementary School, taught me about Tony Vincent’s already created and ready to use numbered wallpaper images. On his site, Learning in Hand, you will find detailed directions on how to download and use any of Tony’s wallpaper designs.

Follow these steps to add a custom wallpaper design from your iPad Photos:

  1. Go to Photos.
  2. Select your image.
  3. Select the Actions Icon.
  4. Select Use As Wallpaper.
  5. Choose Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen, Set Both.

Reach out to your Instructional Coach if you are interested in learning more about how you can manage and identify your devices easily with custom wallpaper numbering.



  1. Hello! I think this feature is blocked on our iPads. It would be nice to do this since I share a cart with another K teacher. When i click on the action tool- setting a picture as the background is not an option. Can we override this? Thank yOU!


  2. I also tried to do this on my class iPads and it was disabled. I tried accessing it through Settings as well and wasn’t able to do so.


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