Tech Tip Tuesday: App Smashing

by Lois Grasso, Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center Instructional Coach

Everyone has a story to tell and today’s students believe video is the best way to communicate those stories.   So whether your students use iMovie for presentations; documentaries; interviews or storytelling they may want to use multiple apps to produce content and combine them all in iMovie for more creative results.   

app_smashThis is called App Smashing…the process of using multiple apps to create projects.

There are many apps that mash quite well with iMovie.   Chatterpix and Tellagami are my two favorites.  They are simple apps that allow you to animate pictures or use talking avatars to tell the story.  You create 30 – 60-second videos; export them to the camera, and then import into iMovie where you add additional effects as desired.

Some student examples:



Learn more about  Chatterpix, Tellagami, or the art of AppSmashing:



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