Website Wednesday: Kaizena

kaizenaby Jen Hervada, Lionville Middle School Instructional Coach

Give students feedback – the easy way!

Imagine having the time to hold a mini-conference with every student about their work.  Kaizena lets you do that and more.

There is a new Google add-on and app that allows teachers to give quick audio feedback to students about their writing and it’s called Kaizena.  The app and web versions are easy to understand, so students and teachers will be excited to use  it.  

Teachers create a group and students join the group through an access code.  Then students upload their work from many different applications including Google docs, Google slides, other types of presentations and more.  Teachers can highlight text and share audio comments, or link a YouTube video as part of a tutorial or extension activity.  Students can use Kaizena to revise their writing or give peer reviews.

Students get the advantage of personalized feedback from you. Research has shown giving quality feedback is one of the most effective teaching practices and Kaizena makes giving feedback easy.

Would you like to learn how to use Kaizena? Schedule an appointment with your instructional coach today!


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