Website Wednesday: Cult of Pedagogy

By Nicole Stulak, DASD K-5 Instructional Coach

Have you ever wondered if there is a website out there where anyone who teaches (seriously, anyone who teaches anything), can go for everything?

Well, there is…

Today, I bring you Cult of Pedagogy, an online magazine created by Jennifer Gonzalez, speaker, professional learning consultant, coach, self-proclaimed “teacher nerd” and National Board Certified educator, to name a few. Gonzalez has written for Edutopia, created countless resources, including one of my favorite go-to tech guides, The Teacher’s Guide to Tech: A Cult of Pedagogy Digital Binder, and she co-authored with Mark Barnes the ever-popular book Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School.

Gonzalez understands that teaching is truly an art and a science. While teachers are endlessly busy, she is researching new tech tools, reading books on methodology, staying current on research and professional development, all to provide teachers with stories to inspire and the best resources and information to enhance their craft.

What can you find on Cult of Pedagogy? Articles, podcasts, videos, teaching materials and just about anything purposeful, inspiring and research based. Here are a few places to start:

Instruction and Assessment Videos: Check out the Chat Stations and Crumple and Shoot videos. I have tried these strategies with my own students and both received rave reviews!

Teaching Materials: You will find a collection of teaching materials Gonzalez has beautifully created, which include detailed descriptions and links to a variety of tools for any subject or grade. Check out her post on Student-Made E-Books: A Beautiful Way to Demonstrate Learning and look at the list of ways students can demonstrate learning with an e-book! Each design includes a link to the same template set up in Google Slides (yes, I bought the whole bundle once I saw this).

Classroom Management Resources: You may not realize it, but relationship building is considered to be the most powerful tool for classroom management. As students move from elementary school to middle school to high school, building and fostering authentic relationships becomes even more important. Relationship building has proven to help with classroom management and students overall academic growth.  Check out A 4-Part System for Getting to Know Your Students.

You can find countless made-from-scratch videos about technology integration, teaching text structure and even teacher advice on the Cult of Pedagogy YouTube channel too!

Enjoy exploring all there is to offer on Cult of Pedagogy, but beware, once you dig in you may be at your computer for a while!


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