Tech Tip Tuesday: Power Searching

Last week, we published a post called “Tech Tip Tuesday: Four Skills for the First Few Weeks of School” by Michele Curio.  Dr. Linda MacNeal, Downingtown’s Chief Accountability Officer, wrote to us with a great follow-up question: “So how do you teach students to do a ‘power search?’

by Michele Curio, DASD K-5 Instructional Coach

We can definitely teach students to do a “power search” at any age.  I’ve created the following four  videos to show you how to teach students these specific searching skills. And don’t forget to ask your instructional coach at any time to help you with power searching or to help you plan lessons to teach power searching to your students!

  • Effective Google searching using descriptive words and Boolean search terms:
  • Learning to search for exact terms :
  • Learning to search when you don’t remember all the words:
  • Searching for items by file type:

Here are some other useful videos:

Searching for items from other countries’ perspective:

  • Searching for academic information in Google Scholar:

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