Food for Thought Friday: How Teacher Stress Affects Kids

6273248505.pngby Kristie Burk

Since it’s only the second week of school, I am hoping that no one is too stressed out yet!  If you are stressed out, did you know that it could negatively affect your students?

A June 2016 study in Social Science and Medicine measured student and teacher cortisol levels, an indicator of stress, in their saliva at various points during the school day.

The researchers found a link between the teachers’ levels of stress and the students’ level of stress in the morning. Of course, the study couldn’t definitively determine if the teachers’ stress caused the children’s stress or if it was the other way around.  Regardless, it certainly gives us some food for thought as we think about stress being contagious!

Let’s make sure we all have a very restful weekend!


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