Month: June 2016

Edcamp is next week!

by Kristie Burk

Do you have plans for June 23rd? Don’t forget to join us at the Downingtown STEM Academy for Edcamp Downingtown.  You can register here.

Great news!  The CCIU will be giving Act 48 credit for the attendees.  Forms will be available at the registration table.

You’re in charge at this event. You get to decide what you want to talk about and what you want to share. It’s not like any other conference you’ve attended.

There will also be networking time during the continental breakfast and lunch.  Since more than half of our attendees are from outside the district, you’ll have a great opportunity to find out what other educators are doing in their schools.

We hope you’ll join us!  Still not sure what an Edcamp is or have more questions? Contact me at



Food for Thought Friday: Reflections on the Year

italyby Kristie Burk

We’ve all learned in our educational psychology classes about the importance of reflection for all learners. As the last few hours of the school year wind down, you (and your students) may want to take some time to reflect on everything that has happened since last August.


If you want to make this more fun for you (and for your older students), why not send your future self an email?

I love the website called The concept is simple – just write yourself an email and then pick a date in the future to deliver it to yourself…like the first day back to school?  Think about these questions as you reflect on the year:

What went well?

What didn’t go so well?

What do you want to work on for next year?

(For those of you familiar with Agile Development, the above questions are similar to the Retrospective.)  Writing this letter will help you reflect and it serves as a great reminder when you receive it in the future.  Younger students can write letters to themselves that you save and give back to them next year.

Enjoy the last day with the children!  And you may want to inspire them with this summer homework list from last year penned by a teacher in Italy.

Website Wednesday: Downingtown Tech Chat

by Kristie Burk

It’s been quite a school year.  You may have had time to read the technology tips and tricks and website recommendations on this blog throughout the year…or you may have not.

Over the summer, you may want to revisit some of the articles that were posted here throughout the year.  To do so, visit the Downingtown Tech Chat.

If you scroll to the bottom of the screen, you can search by “categories.” (7).gif

There are three categories that you may want to explore:

  • Tech Tip Tuesday – Here you will find all of the tech tips from the year, such as quicker ways to share Google Docs, how to charge your iPads more quickly, and how to put reminders on your Outlook email.  All of the apps that were reviewed this year are also in this category.
  • Website Wednesday – This category includes 59 recommended websites, including the Google Cultural Institute, PBS Learning’s Election Central, Thinglink and, this year’s favorite, Bouncy Balls.
  • Food for Thought Friday – In this category you’ll find articles that will inspire you and will also tackle tough topics, such as dangerous Internet use by children.

We will continue to post topics throughout the summer.  If you would like to continue to receive updates (and you won’t be checking your DASD email over the summer), you can subscribe to the blog on the home page of the website.