Tech Tip Tuesday: Chatterpix Ideas

chatterpixby Kristie Burk

As we get toward the end of the year, educators are looking for apps to help engage students.  If you aren’t already using it, try looking at the free Chatterpix app for the iPad.

Chatterpix is a fairly simple concept.  You can take any picture or sketch, “draw” a mouth, and record your voice to make the picture “talk.”  It sounds hilarious (and it is), but it also has some great educational value.  You can use Chatterpix to have your students

  • upload a picture of an animal they’re studying and then have the animal recite interesting facts about itself.
  • take a picture of a book cover and have the book talk about what’s inside (as a book review).
  • make healthy food talk about its nutritional value.
  • take pictures of historical figures and have them give little mini-bios.

I even read about one teacher who had her students use Chatterpix to animate chemical molecules into delivering monologues. Want more ideas? Check out this Pinterest board of other ways to use Chatterpix.


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