Website Wednesday: Sites for Memorial Day

4780723487.pngby Kristie Burk

Why is Memorial Day so important? Why did it used to be called Decoration Day? How is it different from Veteran’s Day? What does it mean to our country?

If you’re going to be talking about Memorial Day with your students, here are some good resources to explore:

Channel One News – This website includes a two-day lesson plan that demonstrates the importance of Memorial Day through videos and slideshows, as well as links to pertinent writing such as the poem “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae and the story of the role of poppies as the Flower of Remembrance.

Education World – There are five lesson plans about Memorial Day here, including additional resources on making a Memorial Day mini-book, learning about World Wars I and II, and creating a “Wall of Thanks” bulletin board.

The National Education Association — This site includes resources for students from kindergarten to 12th graders. There are oral history interviews, first person reenactments, videos, interactive games,  crafts, and more.

Edutopia – This site includes provides 7 insightful multimedia tools to explore Memorial Day and what it means.

PBS LearningMedia – Download this “All About the Holidays” iBook in iTunes from PBS.

Livebinders: Teaching Memorial Day – Check out this awesome curated collection of sites!

National Constitution Center – Share this website with your parents of Memorial Day events right here in Philadelphia.


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