Food for Thought Friday: How Technology Creates Opportunities for All

by Kristie Burk

Today, I wanted to share an awesome story from one of our teachers.Christine DiGiovanni is a science teacher at the Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center and is also a member of a fantastic team of middle school teachers who have been working with me this year on blending their classes (more on that later).

She wanted to share one of the ways that technology is helping to create opportunities for all of her students. She has received permission from this student and his parents to share this story and his work.

DiGiovanni gave the students a choice to show their learning about a science lesson through several different paths.  “Choice over path” is one of the hallmarks of blended learning. She told the students that if they had an idea that wasn’t on the list to come see her for approval.  One of her students with autism came to see her.

A is a student who rarely speaks in class.  He came to me and requested to use the “Stop Motion” app to create his project, which I approved.  A’s product was above and beyond the requirements.  He took over 1,000 pictures to create his amazing project, but, more importantly, he volunteered to present it to the entire class.

“Not only did he share this, but he actually commented on the video throughout his presentation to point out his favorite parts to his classmates.  It was a side of A that we had never seen before.  Giving him [an iPad] and a choice with his path [through blended  learning] gave him the confidence to do it.

“He was so proud –as was I –of what he had created that it gave him the courage to overcome one of his greatest challenges – interacting with his peers appropriately.”

-Christine DiGiovanni

When you watch this, just consider the amount of time and effort that it took to create this awesome video.  I bet that he won’t soon forget what he learned about Pangaea!

Technology and blended learning help to create opportunities for all students to demonstrate their learning.  Do you have an inspirational story? Let us know at or comment below.

Have an awesome weekend!





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