Registration Open for Edcamp Downingtown

edcampby Kristie Burk

Registration is now open for Edcamp Downingtown on June 23rd! The free event will be held in Downingtown, but it is open to any educator who wants to spend the day sharing and collaborating with other educators who are just as passionate as you are about helping our students.

Invite your colleagues and spread the word to your friends at other schools. We need YOU to make this un-conference a success. Remember…nothing is planned.  The whole schedule gets built the day of the event.

The sessions are informal and organic because they grow out of the interests of the people attending.  Many people usually “take the floor” during a session to ask questions, to show lessons, to recommend a tool, or to share ideas. The experience is unlike any other professional development I’ve ever attended.

This is your chance to come and talk about what YOU want to talk about.  And don’t forget the “rule of two feet;”  you are encouraged to leave a session at any time for any reason.  No questions asked.  Isn’t that refreshing? (Ironically, I’ve noticed that the spread of Edcamps has caused more people to feel comfortable leaving sessions during other, non-Edcamp conferences.)

Go here to get more information and scroll down to register today!


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