Tech Tip Tuesday: Nearpod

By Lois Grasso, Instructional Coach at Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center


Nearpod is a fast-growing mobile learning platform that helps teachers create engaging classroom experiences for use with smartphones, tablets, desktops and multiple operating systems.

To view my Nearpod presentation, click here: and enter the PIN IHLEA. (I have a paid account, so you can view this at your leisure).

Nearpod is an excellent tool for creating interactive educational content.  This makes each teacher a course developer who can control a synchronized digital lecture in a classroom.  Like Kahoot, students join the Nearpod session using an access code that the teacher generates. Better yet, it requires no special tools, logins or training.

When the teacher changes slides in a presentation, students’ slides do, too.  Nearpod is often referred to as “Powerpoint on steroids” because of the interactive elements that teachers add to the presentation to check on student engagement and understanding in real-time.  Teachers actually see everything the students submit immediately.   Interactive items like polls, drawings, open-ended questions, discussions and quizzes are just a few of the tools teachers can use.

As always there is a free version and a paid account ($50 a year for teachers in PA due to a deal negotiated between Nearpod and BCIU).   The free version provides 80% of the overall functionally and is a great starting and ending place for most teachers.  The paid account provides for asynchronous rollout of the lessons for either homework; blended classrooms; independent work stations, etc. and has added features like virtual field trips and note taking.

Of all the tools I’ve used to leverage the power of teachers to improve teaching and learning by touching a large number of students and providing instant feedback on who is doing what, I’d have to rank Nearpod as one of the best.

For more information on Nearpod go to


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