Tech Tip Tuesday: Improving Your Presentations

by Kristie Burk

Helping students create effective presentations, whether they are using PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, emaze or something else, can be tricky.  A few weeks ago, I attended the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Conference in Hershey and, I have to admit, even some adult presenters still have trouble with some of these concepts. Please don’t get me started on the one presenter who actually just read his slides!

That’s why I’m sharing today’s infographic from Pinfographics.  It will show your students 10 ways to improve their presentations.  What do you think? Should students start by designing the presentation on paper (or outside the presentation software at least)? Are bullet points passé? What do you think of time limits instead of slide limits?

Let us know what you think at

improving your presentations.jpg



  1. Thank you for this resource on effective presentations. I like most of the ideas, but I disagree with “not jazzing up” a slide. I think adding art or something to catch the eye can support the “story” being told.


    1. Thanks for the comment, Stacy! I didn’t create this infographic, so I don’t want to speak for the designer…but, I think he/she is referring to the crazy shapes or animations that students sometimes use in their presentations – like “float in” or “fly in.” Like Steve Jobs, I think that images in presentations can be very powerful if chosen carefully!


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