Website Wednesday: Photos for Class

Puppy picby Kristie Burk

When we want our students to use digital images, a few common problems occur:

  1. The students try to find images and run across some inappropriate ones. (Ouch)
  2. The students do not correctly attribute the photo – or don’t attribute at all.

That’s why I like the website Photos for Class.  At first glance, it may seem like a smaller version of Flickr.  There are age-appropriate and licensed for use by a Creative Commons License.

You just type what you’re looking for, such as “puppies,” and click the find photo button.  You and your students have some great options.

However, this is the part I love about the website.  When you download the picture, it automatically adds the attribution to the photo itself! How cool is that? Now, if you’re working with older children, you will still want to talk to them about proper attirbution of digital photos.  However, this is a great way to expose younger children to the concept without making it too overwhelming.



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