Tech Tip Tuesday: Autism Village

by Kristie Burk

Yesterday, we posted an article about apps for students with autism. I received an email later that day from Francesca Wells at the Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center. She suggested another useful resource called Autism Village.  It is both an app and a website.

Autism Village was started by a parent in our own community who conceived the idea to produce practical, useful, and helpful management tools and services for those living life on the autism spectrum.

“Imagine for a moment that you deal with the never ending problem that people with autism and their families face – where’s a good place to go which is safe and won’t over stimulate me or my autistic loved one. Places where people feel comfortable and can have FUN, and which are staffed by understanding and helpful people. Just have a look at the Autism Village app and you’ll quickly find nearby places rated and reviewed by others like yourself.” – Autism Village

The app is like Yelp for people with autism. Ms. Wells says that it is a great resource. The core elements of Autism Village’s first app are culminating in a Kickstarter campaign to further develop the project and finish the app. Check it out!


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