Khan Academy Partners with Pixar

by Kristie Burk

Most of our students have seen at least one Pixar movie, such as Brave or Inside Out. That is why I am so excited about the latest partnership between Khan Academy and Pixar called Pixar in a Box, released this month.

If you’ve ever heard students ask, “When are we going to use this??”, you need to show them this site! In typical Khan Academy fashion, the students can walk through a series of lessons that shows how math is used for “creative benefit” at Pixar.  The students learn about both math and Pixar’s filmmaking process.

“Our goal is to show you how the concepts you learn in school are used to tackle creative challenges we face during the making of Pixar films.” – Pixar in a Box

The beginning lessons start at the elementary level, which are mostly appropriate for grades 4 and 5. The lessons get progressively harder. At the end of the lessons is a hands-on activity for the students to explore.

For example, one lesson on Environment Modeling shows students how Pixar animators use parabolas to model grass in a scene where Merida falls off her horse. There are seven topics right now that are tied to Common Core, but Pixar plans to add more later.

If you use this site with your students, let us know how they liked it!


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