Website Wednesday: Read-able

by Kristie Burk

I spent the last two days at the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Conference and Exposition in Hershey, PA with a few DASD colleagues.  Educators from all over the state gathered together to collaborate and I cannot wait to share what we’ve learned with you.  Today’s website, for example,, which I learned about at the conference from Teresa Cross, an elementary ESOL teacher in the Salisbury Township School District.

The concept of the site is very simple.  In the search box, type (or copy and paste) a Web address.  Read-able will return the readability score of the web page, including the web site’s average grade level. It will also tell you the Flesch Kincaid Grade Level, SMOG index, and other indices.

In addition, will tell you the number of sentences, words, complex words, average words per sentence, and other important information.

Ms. Cross uses Read-able with her ESOL students to determine whether the reading level of a website is appropriate. For example, I can get the following information about this week’s blog article called “Downingtown Classes Link to Japan.” When I type in the URL on Read-able, I get the following useful information about the site:

readability score


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