Website Wednesday: PBS Webinar

by Kristie Burk

As events across the nation raise our consciousness about the continued fight for equality among all people, educators, in particular, want to help students have a voice in their society.

If you’re interested in helping your students participate in meaningful social justice projects, mark your calendars for a PBS Webinar called “Illuminating Social Justice Issues Through Authentic Student Projects” on February 25, 2016 at 7:00 PM EST.

Here is a quick description of the webinar from the website:

Michael Hernandez will be leading the discussion of how teachers of all grade levels can design meaningful social justice projects. Michael will showcase project examples for a range of grade levels and share insight into their pedagogical significance. Teachers will walk away with strategies to support real-world connections and authentic learning opportunities for students to understand the importance of social justice.

Michael Hernandez is a journalism teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator, and Google for Education Certified Innovator. He strongly believes in empowering students to create change; he has even taken students to Cambodia and Cuba to make documentaries.
Mr. Hernandez was recently selected as a PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator for his work with students in multimedia.

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