Tech Tip Tuesday: Draftback

by Kristie Burk

A few weeks ago, at the Future of Education Technology Conference, I learned about a great Chrome extension called “Draftback.”  Once you add the extension to Chrome, a button will automatically appear in your Google Docs that will show you the number of revisions that have been made.

draftpack pic

Here’s the cool part – when you click on the button, Draftback will replay every keystroke that you typed in the Google Doc.  Watch this quick example:


There are several good ways that you could use this tool in your class:

  • Use an example from your own writing to show students how you use the writing process.
  • Watch revisions as they occur, especially on a collaborative document.
  • Talk with your students (or their parents) about the time that they spent on revisions and how many revisions they made.

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