Website Wednesday: Trading Card Creator

by Kristie Burk

trading cardI have three sons, so we have A LOT of trading cards in our house.  In particular, my boys love collecting football and baseball cards and organizing them in various binders. GEYA even prints Little League baseball cards for the kids to have one of their own!

That is why I was so excited when some middle school ELA teachers shared the website called Trading Card Creator by ReadWriteThink.  The website allows you to create your own digital trading cards (without ever having to login to the website).  When you’re done designing your card, you can print, share or save it as a .jpeg file.

This site could have some really fun applications in the classroom:

  • Ask the students to use the trading cards to represent fictional characters or events from a book.
  • Have the students create cards to describe “abstract concepts,” such as vocabulary words.
  • Make trading cards for real people, such as historical figures.
  • Use the trading cards to explain different scientific concepts.

Check out the site and let us know how you plan to use trading cards in your class!


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