Food for Thought Friday: 15 Research Studies You Should Know About

by Kristie Burk

Happy New Year! Now that we’re back to school, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on last year.

Edutopia published an excellent article called “Education Research Highlights from 2015.”  It highlights 15 research studies published last year that “every educator should know about,” according to curator Youki Terada.

Take some time this weekend to look over the studies and see if anything is applicable to you!  Let us know at


One comment

  1. “Spending more that 90 – 100 minutes on math and science homework in middle school results in a decline in performance” and “No more than 70 minutes of math and science should be assigned each night.” I’ve always had the “30 minute rule” for math homework with my students – spend 30 legitimate minutes working on your homework (no distractions, focused, showing work, etc) and then put it away. Glad to see this concept supported by research!


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