Food for Thought Friday: The National Education Technology Plan

dept_of_edby Kristie Burk

Earlier this month, the United States Department of Education released the 2016 National Education Technology Plan, which outlines the vision for states and districts across the country.  This plan is released every five years and aligns to the Every Student Succeeds Act as authorized by Congress in December 2015.

The model of learning described in this plan calls for engaging and empowering learning experiences for all learners.

The model asks that we focus what and how we teach to match what people need to know, how they learn, where and when they will learn, and who needs to learn. It brings state-of-the art technology into learning to enable, motivate, and inspire all students, regardless of background, languages, or disabilities, to achieve.

It leverages the power of technology to provide personalized learning and to enable continuous and lifelong learning. – US Dept of Ed 2106 National Education Technology Plan

In January, we’ll be looking at this document in more detail, but I encourage you to have a peek now. This is not a boring government document; the plan is filled with links to real case studies, videos, infographics, and other resources to help educators reach these goals. (Use the links on the website instead of downloading the pdf.) The document is organized into five sections: learning, teaching, leadership, assessment, and infrastructure.




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