Tech Tip Tuesday: Some Google Search Tips You May Not Know

by Kristie Burk

How often do you use Google to search? If you’re like me, I use it all day long.  That’s why it’s always good to know a few Google search tricks, such as:

  1. Reverse image lookup – Did you know that you can search in Google with images instead of words?  First, you need to go to  Then, you can drag and drop an image right to the search engine box or click on the camera icon and attach a file.  Google will return sites that include the image or similar images.
  2. File types – type your search keywords and then filetype: *file type* to find files with these keywords.  For example, you can search on Civil War filetype: ppt to find PowerPoints on the Civil War.
  3. Number range – If you type “..” in between two numbers, Google will return any items between that range.  For example, if you search New York City 1880..1889, Google will return sites with information on NYC during this time period.
  4. Tracking numbers – Type any UPS, USPS, or Fedex tracking number into a Google search and track your package immediately. (So useful this time of year!)
  5. Conversions – type a conversion into the search and Google will return the calculation.  For example, typing .5 cups to tsp will return “24 tsps.”  (Good to know!)  You can do this for metric conversions, currency conversions, etc.
  6. Movie Times – Okay, this one may not have much educational value, but I like it.  Typing a movie title and a location (e.g. The Force Awakens, Downingtown) and Google will return all of the movie times, dates, and theaters near Downingtown.
  7. Quick word shortcuts – Here are a few more of my favorites:
    1. define – type this before any word to get the definition
    2. etymology – (even cooler than “define”) type this before any word to get the origin and history of a word
    3. stock  – type this word before a company name or ticker symbol to get the current performance of a stock
    4. time – type this before any location and Google will return the current time in that place
    5. weather – type this word before a location and Google will return the current weather
    6. timer – type this word before something like “5 minutes” and Google will start a timer countdown

Do you have a favorite Google search trick? Share it with us at


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