Tech Tip Tuesday: 3 Outlook Shortcuts and 1 Tip

by Kristie Burk

If you get hundreds of email every day, every little shortcut helps, right? The staff in the Downingtown Area School District uses Outlook for our email and I’ve found 3 great shortcuts to make your (email) life a little easier:

  1.  [Ctrl + V] This one is my favorite!  If you’ve copied something in your Web browser and then go into your Outlook client, you can Ctrl+V; Outlook will automatically generate a new email and copy the last thing in your clipboard, saving you a few additional steps.
  2. Ctrl + R = reply
  3. Alt + S = send

And here’s my favorite tip — do you have any email that you’re copying over and over… and over?  You can create a template in Outlook. Here are the steps to create the template:

  1. Write the email in Outlook that you’d like to make into a template.
  2. Click “file” and “save as.”
  3. Save your file as type: “Outlook Template.”  You can leave the default location or save it to a particular spot.

When you want to use the template in Outlook, use the following steps:

  1. Click on “new items,” “more items,” and then “choose form.”
  2. Change the “look in” dropdown list to “user templates in file system.”
  3. Select your template and it will automatically generate an email to be sent.

Confused? Watch this tutorial video:



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