Website Wednesday: 2015 List of Best Apps and Websites

Today’s guest blogger is Pat Carroll, Shamona Creek Elementary School Librarian.

by Pat Carroll

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) just published their 2015 list of best apps and websites, something they have been doing annually for a number of years for websites and more recently for apps.

They have been divided into categories, which makes it easier to browse what might be of interest.

In addition, I noted that in the closing General Session on Saturday afternoon, Eszter Hargittai, a professor at Northwestern University, shared her research on college students’ digital media use.

“Perhaps not surprising to the AASL audience was Hargittai’s finding that while it is true that millennials have been exposed to digital for most of their lives and spend a lot of time online, students are less savvy about navigating the Internet than most people believe, with digital naïve a better term to describe them than digital native. While everyone’s skills are improving with more exposure to the Internet, those students from less-privileged backgrounds than their peers don’t improve as quickly, widening the gap.” – Eszter Hargittai

When asked if lessons in digital use made a difference, Hargittai cited a study she conducted in which one group of students was offered one hour of instruction, while a control group had none. With only that one hour of coaching, the first group performed better.

If interested, here’s an additional link to read how she surprises her college students by sharing information about them she learns online as part of her course on “Managing your Online Reputation”.  I found it interesting reading!


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