Tech Tip Tuesday: 3 Tips for Grading in Schoology

by Kristie Burk

Over the last few weeks, several teachers have configured their Schoology grades to sync with eSchoolPlus. As a result, a few issues have been discovered.  Here are a few tips:

  1.  eSchoolPlus will not accept grades for Schoology assignments that have due dates that are not on an actual school day.  For example, if you have a due date for Saturday in Schoology, the grade won’t sync to eSchoolPlus.
  2. When Schoology syncs assignments with future due dates, the grades will not be calculated into the eSchoolPlus final average until the due date has passed.
  3. If you see a discrepancy between Schoology scores and eSchoolPlus scores, check the following:
    1. Do you have your grades weighted differently in Schoology? Click on “gradebook” and then “grade setup” to check.From Skitch(2)
    2. Do you have your grades set to calculate on total points or percentages in Schoology? Click on the grading category to find out.From Skitch
    3. Do you have eSchoolPlus set to calculate blanks as zeroes?

Do you have any other grading tips? Let us know at!



  1. Another issue is that Schoology does not allow you to “X out” a grade. I sometimes putting an X as a grade when I need to exempt a student from an assignment. Usually because of absences. When you try to do this, the student ends up with a zero in eschools.


    1. Hi Andy, If you hover over the blank spot in the Schoology gradebook, a little comment bubble will appear. If you click on that, you can mark a student exempt from an assignment. (Schoology is also in the process of updating this feature so that it’s a little less hidden!)


  2. Hi, our school is currently having an issue where Schoology will not sync at all with eSchoolPLUS. Are you, or any other district, having the same issue? Schoology says that it’s an issue with eSchoolPLUS, so if that’s the case I can only imagine it is happening to every other school.


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