Food for Thought Friday: Getting Students to Motivate Themselves!

by Kristie Burk

This year, the Downingtown Area School District is focusing on student engagement strategies.  As educators, we often struggle with students who are unmotivated.  Even in the business world, motivation is critically important to the success of the enterprise.

This weekend, take a minute to read this awesome article by Larry Ferlazzo, which lists strategies for helping students motivate themselves. He offers some great suggestions, including ways that our sincere motivational efforts can backfire.

It is not uncommon for teachers to explicitly make…real-life connections. However, research has also found that this kind of teacher-centered approach can actually be de-motivating to some students with low skills. A student who is having a very difficult time understanding math or does just not find it interesting, for example, can feel threatened by hearing regularly from a teacher how important math is to his or her future. – Larry Ferlazzo

Give the article some thought and then let us know what you think at


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