3 Cool Things About iOS 9…and 1 Not-So-Cool Thing

by Kristie Burk

DASD’s IT Department gave the green light to upgrade district iPads to iOS 9.  I upgraded my iPad and my personal iPhone. I’m enjoying many of the new features…but there is also one that I need to warn you about!

First, the good news.  Here are my three favorite new features in iOS 9:

  1. Low power mode – When your iPad or iPhone battery starts running below 20%, Apple reduces power consumption by reducing or turning off mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads and some visual effects. You can enable this cool feature by going into “settings”  and scrolling down to “battery.” Major caveat: When your phone charges back up past 80%, this feature turns off and you have to turn it back on again manually.  Why, Apple, why!?
  2. The new “back button” – When you open an app from inside another app, iOS 9 will display a back button to get you back to the original app.  This may not sound like a big deal, but I’m constantly opening apps when reading my email. If someone sends me a Google Doc, for example, I can read the Doc and then hit the back button to return to my email.
  3. Email attachments – Speaking of email, my most favorite new feature in iOS 9 is the ability to add attachments in email.  I can now attach items from my Google Drive, for example, directly into an email that I’m reading on my phone.

And now…the warning.  iOS 9 also has a new feature called “wi-fi assist.”  When your device is connected to a weak wi-fi signal, iOS 9 will automatically switch to your cellular network.  While some people may like this feature, I do not. If the wi-fi is weak (and I’m not aware), my phone can be eating up my data plan!!  iOS 9 automatically defaults to this feature, so you have to turn it off manually by going to “settings,” clicking on “cellular,”  and scrolling ALL the way to the bottom to turn off wi-fi assist.

Want to learn more about iOS 9? Here are some good websites to visit:

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