Food for Thought Friday: Should We Allow Students To Re-take Assessments?

If you’re new to the district or this blog, welcome!  During the week, we talk about technology tips and techniques to help our students.  Fridays are “Food for Thought Fridays.”  On this day, I introduce a purposefully controversial topic that hopefully will spark some interesting conversations among you and your colleagues.  If you have an idea for a FFTF article, let me know!

retakesby Kristie Burk

Last night, I participated in a Twitter chat called #paedchat.  It’s a personal learning network on Thursday nights at 9:00 pm for all educators in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

As an aside, I encourage you to join us next week!  Interested in other educational Twitter chats?  Go to this list of education chats; I bookmarked this site on my iPhone so I can always see upcoming chats.

The conversation last night was about grading; one of the questions asked if teachers should allow students to retake assessments.  One of the participants posted this blog by Dr. Justin Tuarte, the Director of Teaching & Learning in the Union R-XI School District in Union, Missouri. He tackles 7 questions that teachers usually ask about allowing students to retake assessments.  It will definitely give you some food for thought this weekend.  Enjoy the holiday!


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