Food for Thought Friday: How Do We Let People Know That They Matter?

jackie robinson quoteby Kristie Burk

People universally want to know that they are appreciated and that someone cares about them.  We all want to feel like we matter. It’s true of our students, but it’s also true of our colleagues, our supervisors, the people who work for us and, of course, ourselves.

How do we let people know that we care? Angela Maiers wrote this excellent article called “The 12 Most Important Ways to Let People Know They Matter.”

Some of her suggestions are obvious, like being present and listening with interest. However, she also offers some more interesting tips, such as “ask mattering not matter-of-face questions” and “sweat the small stuff.” Take some time to read the article this weekend and see if you can put some of her suggestions into action right away.

Is there someone in your building who really makes you feel like you matter? Is there someone who really makes the students or other adults in the building feel as though they matter? Let me know at and I’ll share the responses in a future article.


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