Tech Tip Tuesday: Using Schoology Portfolios

by Kristie Burk

One of my favorite new features in Schoology this summer is the addition of portfolios. Now, students can create portfolios outside of courses and groups.  These portfolios can include assignment submissions, files, links and pages. Once the objects are added, students can edit them to add more details. Students can add as many portfolios as they would like.

The best part of the portfolios is that they can be shared by using a private link that allows the receipient to view the portfolio, even if he or she doesn’t have a Schoology account.

The uses for portfolios are endless!  Terri-lee Cook, art teacher at Downingtown High School East, is planning to use portfolios with her students, especially since AP Studio Art students are required to submit a digital portfolio to the College Board as part of their AP exam.

Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center teachers can also start writing portfolios with their students that they can add to as they move on to middle school and high school.

Seniors can create portfolios that they can share with colleges.

Want more information on using portfolios with students? Look at some of these articles:


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