Website Wednesday: Quizizz

Today’s guest blogger is Alyssa Day, social studies teacher at Downingtown High School East.

by Alyssa Day

While I have fully embraced technology in nearly all arenas my classroom, the one area I have been hesitant about fully incorporating technology is through assessment.  How can I assure that the assessment is secure, or valuable, or the feedback I get is organized in a valuable way?  I am embarrassed to admit that I still keep a huge stack of cut up scrap paper to hand out for exit tickets.  My main mission at ISTE was to explore tools and methods to use technology to provide this kind of assessment.  I visited booths that tried to sell me assessment tools, posters with enthusiastic presenters and a number of sessions that I selected with this focus in mind, and I am far more on board with technology in assessment now than I was before attending ISTE.

Earlier in the year, Kristie Burk introduced me to Kahoot!, and I have never been more excited about a formative assessment tool, but then I was introduced to Quizizz.  It runs under the same premise as an interactive game-like assessment tool.  You project the leaderboard on your screen and the students view the questions on their devices, and you are all provided with immediate feedback.  It definitely drove some competition between the session attendees, and you have a number of options available to customize your quizzes.  I already set up a quiz to use on the first day of school this year for the summer reading assignment.

I will mainly be using technology this year for formative assessment, but if you were interested in a valuable summative assessment tool, I would highly recommend checking out Three Ring.  It is essentially an online portfolio organizer.  I can definitely imagine using this as a summative assessment tool for nearly any unit in my Western Civilization class.  Honestly, technology based assessment tools are endless.  One of the biggest lessons that I learned at ISTE was so never so readily exclude technology from any area of my teaching, because I know these tools will help me be a more successful teacher this school year.


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