How To Force Your Students to Make Copies of Google Docs

by Kristie Burk

In the last few weeks, I’ve attended an e-learning conference in Lancaster, ISTE in Philadelphia, an Edcamp in Philadelphia, and the Schoology conference in Chicago.  My head is ready to explode with great ideas!

This little trick comes courtesy of Tammy Worcester’s session at ISTE called “Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers.”

Do you ever have a Google Doc that you want to share with your students?  Do you ever have a document that you want the students to write on, but you don’t want them to edit the document itself?

Usually, you have to share the document as “view only.”  Then, the students have to hit “file” and “make a copy.”  It takes a few extra steps that students often forget.

Tammy taught us this little trick:

1.  Copy the shareable link as “view only.”

2.  Paste the link and change everything after the last slash (usually it says, “edit”) to “copy.”  This will force the students to make a copy of the document before they can even view it.

Awesome, right? (2)


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