Website Wednesday: Create Your Own Infographics with Piktochart


by Kristie Burk

An infographic is a visual representation of information. If you’re a visual learner, an infographic is an excellent way to provide knowledge through the use of graphics, charts, colors and other visual elements. For students, infographics can be a good way to share information on a subject; teachers could also ask students to create their own infographic as a form of assessment. Alyssa Day, AP Psychology teacher at DHSE, had a student use Piktochart to create this infographic.

There are multiple websites that can help you create an infographic.  The one on the left was created at the website Piktochart. After registering for my free account, I was able to start working on a template. I could drag-and-drop images from the website or import my own; most of the functionality was fairly intuitive since the site works similarly to Microsoft Word.

There are other great websites that can help you create your own infographics, including, and  My suggestion is to play around with several sites to find the one that “speaks” to you. You may want to search multiple sites to find the template that most closely matches the one you’re imagining.

If you’ve created your own infographic or if your students are using them, share them with us!


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