Do You Have Access To Free eBooks and AudioBooks for the Summer?

Today’s guest blogger is Michelle Nass, DHSW Librarian and Onsite Coordinator for the Downingtown Ivy Academy.

By Michelle Nass

In a few days, I will be running through summer reading book selections with many of our students and will be introducing how to download e-books, audiobooks and magazines from both our catalog and Chester County Public Library.

Did you know that you have access to all of this wonderfulness, too?

I’ve attached the directions that I am giving to the students.  Our e-book catalog is just beginning to grow, and in the upcoming years, I expect that it will continue to grow quite a bit as I expect to focus more resources on e-books as time moves on.  Chester County Public Library, though, has tons of resources.  In the summer, I tend to get most of my books through their Overdrive system.

The Chester County Public Library now also has Flipster, which gives you access to magazines as well.  Next year we hope to have every student signed up for a public library card, so they will all have access to everything in both Overdrive and Flipster.

Want to have access for your summer reading?  Click here for instructions on how to access and download free audio and ebooks.

Someone said to me yesterday that she was “building the plane as [she is] flying it” and that’s kind of how I am feeling with the e-books, so forgive any wrinkles in the fabric.  Better yet, tell me, and I’ll try my best to iron them out!



  1. tak payah lah ko nak buat cerita menokok ta.nbhm.altaatuya lah itu lah inilah..semua tahu bahawa altantuya tu agen perisik.nak bukti…aku takde…tapi ko ader ke bukti najib bunuh altantuya?


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