Website Wednesday: The Learning Network

katmanduby Kristie Burk

If you teach current events in your classroom, then you should check out the Learning Network at the New York Times. This website includes materials for teaching and learning using New York Times articles.  The site is mostly for students ages 13 and older, but teachers of younger students can still parse through the information to find great materials that are age-appropriate.

I really like how the lesson plans are organized.  For example, I looked at the lesson plan on the recent earthquake in Nepal.  The lesson starts with an overview of the event and a 3-minute, absolutely gorgeous video of what Katmandu looked like before the earthquake. You can view the video above.

You can find material in the “If You Only Have One Class Period”  section, including photos, newspaper articles, and a video that captures some of the survivors’ stories. The lesson ends with some discussion questions.

In the “If You Have More Time” section, there are websites, videos and other resources on Nepali history, seismology, recovery efforts, cultural resources, and primary accounts of the earthquake.  In other words, you can take your lesson in the direction that you wish.

At the bottom of the lesson is a list of the standards that are met.

Check out the site and let us know what you think!


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