Website Wednesday: Create a Pac Man Review

Today’s guest blogger is Megan Smith, social studies teacher at DHSE. Do you have something you’d like to share? Contact us at and let us know!

by Megan Smith

I was searching for a fun and independent way that my students could do a review online.  Plus, it had to be something easily accessible in Schoology!  After some searching, I came across a PacMan Review Game.


It is very user friendly.  If you hover over the help tab, you’ll see this pop up below with directions on how to create your quiz.  Once you create your quiz, you’ll be given the opportunity to submit it and have a password for it.  This enables only you to be able to edit it.  You can then either copy and paste the link and embed it into Schoology (as an external link) or use the embed code that it gives you.

Students have to answer questions to be able to play the PacMan game!  When they lose a life in PacMan, they have to answer more questions to play again.


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