Tech Tip Tuesday: Lots of Ideas from Edcamp!

by Kristie Burk

Saturday’s Edcamp was wonderful!  We had over 100+ educators sharing their ideas and collaborating throughout the morning.  We cannot wait to repeat the experience.

Here is the Google Doc from the event:  Click on any of the sessions to get notes – and be certain to check out the “Smackdown” notes at the bottom of the page for great app/website suggestions.

Here are some of the comments from the event on Twitter.  We hope you can join us next time if you missed!

Brian Hostetler @Brian_Hostetler: Def feel like I left EdCamp smarter that when I entered…or at least with a ton of excitement and awesome ideas. Thanks #edcampdtown

Christina Brennan @christybrenn: Thanks SO much @DASD_Schools team who’ve put together #edcampdtown Love that you’ve brought #edcamp to Chester County.

Aubrey Pace @aepace: Empowering teachers to share: What you are doing is awesome and others should know about it!

John Walsh @jwalsh61: Awesome discussion about 21st century libraries with Michelle Nass!

Nicole Konert Stulak @nstulak#edcampdtown IS AMAZING!!!!

JSchray! @mrsschray: Love meeting so many amazing positive educators today!

Kahon Dean @KahonNikki: Having a great day here at  #edcampdtown

Sheyna Land @SheynaLand: Major thanks to @DASD_Schools for hosting #edcampdtown!

Mrs. McCafferty @MrsChem38: What a great day! Spent with awesome teachers! #edcampdtown #dasdstem

Ben Mountz  @BenMountz: Hats off to all my new #edcampdtown friends! … got tons of great ideas from some brilliant and creative minds!

Haven Benedict @mrsbenedict8: What a great experience at my first edcamp at #edcampdtown

etechman @profetech115: Thanks #edcampdtown great stuff!








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