Final chance to register for Edcamp Downingtown on Saturday!

Today’s guest blogger is Justin Staub, social studies teacher at the Downingtown STEM Academy. He’s going to share his Edcamp experiences with you and tell you why all educators (secondary and elementary teachers, aides, librarians, counselors, principals, student teachers, professors, etc.) should attend. 

We have 97 people currently registered, including a number of teachers from the Lyford Cay International School in the Bahamas.  It’s going to be a great time!

by Justin Staub

Two years ago, I attended my first EdCamp at its birthplace- Philadelphia! Going in, I was reluctant that I would learn anything new. When I left, I was overwhelmed with new ideas; I have never had that experience with professional development. The EdCamp, an unconference model of professional development, opens professional development in a way many teachers never experience.

Rather than the sit-and-get professional development we’ve all experienced, EdCamp encourages multi-directional, collaborative, shared experiences from professionals, both leading the session and in the audience. This is the first part of the EdCamp I love. You are expected to contribute. In fact, the leader of your session is not the expert on the topic. It is expected you come to participate, share, and take away new ideas. If you do not participate, you miss out. The second part of EdCamp I enjoy is “the rule of two feet.” If you happen to attend a session you realize is not benefiting you, you are expected to leave and find another session. You do yourself no good to listen to shared ideas that do not apply to your educational situation.

After such a great first experience with the EdCamp model two years ago, I encouraged colleagues to attend EdCampPhilly last year. We had a blast. By inviting some DASD colleagues and their friends, I made local connections, shared great DASD teaching practices, and had a blast.

But now, it’s our turn. Kristie Burk enlisted a few daring individuals to pull together an EdCampDtown. We need your help. First, we need your expertise. Come share the best practices and wisdom you practice every day. Second, be bold. Even if you have not led a work session at a professional conference, come, lead and share. I plan on holding sessions on topics I am not comfortable with, so I can learn. For instance, I love using Google Drive, and I like to think I’m pretty savvy with it. My session will encourage the audience to share best practices with Google Drive. There’s always something new to learn with Google!

So, come on out. Share. I can’t wait to learn with you!

#EdCampDtown Saturday, March 21, 8:30-1PM, at the STEM Academy. Register here:


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