Two Important Libguides That Everyone Should Bookmark

Today’s guest blogger is Michelle Nass, DHSW Librarian and Onsite Coordinator for the Downingtown Ivy Academy.

Organizing with Altoids Tins by matthew_moss, on Flickr

Organizing with Altoids Tins by matthew_moss, on Flickr

Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License

by Michelle Nass

Hey, friends! I’m going to just go ahead and say it: this blog post is information overload.  In fact, that’s kind of the point.  We are so overloaded with information every moment of every day.  Today, I’m specifically talking about the “tips and tricks” sort of overload.  You know, the kind of overload that you look at and say, “That’s awesome. I’ll definitely use that,” and never look at again, not because you don’t still think it’s awesome or you didn’t intend to use it but because life happened.  I’ve heard quite a few people say that they wish there was a place where all of these tips and tricks can be organized… enter: Libguides.*

I’ve created two libguides that I hope will be useful for you:

Tech Tools: This libguide focuses on organizing tools and apps that you and your students can use by subject area.

Open Source Content: This libguide organizes sites and tools that are content oriented and give you stuff that you (or your students)  can freely use within your teaching (or learning).

Why reinvent the wheel?  These libguides are just a start, as more tools come across my virtual desk, I intend to add them to this growing list.  As you use and discover tools yourself, please feel free to e-mail me at, and I will happily add them as well.  My intent is that when we are working and think, I need some sort of timeline thingy… we can remember to just click on this libguide and find the appropriate box of timelines for you to explore.

Also, these libguides were not curated in whole by myself, but rather, by an amazing team of individuals that I happen to be connected to.  Kristie Burk, our amazing Cyber Coordinator who oversees our Blended program at Downingtown, has highlighted many of these tools on this blog. I also attended a training given by the lovely Michele Gill of PLS/3rd Learning.  She and her colleague, DeLaina Tonks, have developed two wonderful Google Docs that Michele gave me permission to build off of and share. Please feel free to join this team of curators and share what you’ve found to be useful!

Until then, happy exploring!

*What’s a libguide? In Downingtown, our librarians create libguides that organize and deliver information, content, resources, etc.  When in doubt, ask your librarian!

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